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Pre Arrival Locals Guide

We want to make your trip to the Kangaroo Valley and Southern Highlands region feel like you are a local of the region. This is why myself and the team here have created the “locals guide”. A complete checklist of everything you need before coming to the region from a culmination of many years of exploring the region.

Our locals guide is updated regularly, so you don’t need to spend hours researching. Everything you need to know about your escape from the city is in one guide. We want you to know what bookings need to be made at the best restaurants in the region ahead of time and what you need to pack to ensure your time is enjoyable.

I personally made the transition from city living to the Kangaroo Valley and Southern Highlands region in 2014. The beauty and serenity of the area still capture me every day and I need to pinch myself that I call this amazing place home. However, there are some important things to consider before you head out the door:

Escape Checklist

  1. Internet & Mobile Connectivity: has a similar feel to 1995. You feel blessed when it works, but don’t expect it! It’s a great time to unplug and reconnect with those around you. If you can’t unplug for your escape, we advise you bring a dongle.
  2. Weather: we love talking about. However, it’s really important to take advantage of the maximum day time temperature for activities, but it’s equally important to look at the low temperatures.
  3. Clothing: Knowing the weather is perfect to pick that warm outfit for evening walks. Please make sure that you have some wind and waterproof items in the suitcase so you don’t catch a chill.
  4. Bugs & Insects: Yes, there are a large assortment of bugs and insects in the region most are friendly! But do be mindful to leave them well alone.  The usual precautions of insect repellent are recommended.
  5. Kangaroo Valley Wildlife: are precious to the area. However, the roads are not as clearly marked as those in the city. The vegetation does creep onto the side of the road, making it appealing for kangaroos,wombats and other wildlife to graze near the sides of the road on dusk. Consider your timings for driving into the region. Please slow down, and ensure you don’t hit the wildlife.
  6. Food: Unfortunately, convenience of food and products is not available. Please keep this in mind before departing. Many of the properties are remote and are not stocked with food. What the area lacks in convenience, it makes up for in quality.  There is a fantastic General Store that is open until 5pm selling good quality produce. Once you are down here we have some Southern Highlands Markets
  7. Rubbish: When bringing your food from the city, please consider packaging. Not just for the environment, but also for the size of the bins that we have for the region. Please be aware that any rubbish outside of the bins provided will need to be taken with you, or you will be charged for removal.
  8. Childcare: Babysitting can be arranged, please speak with the Team for information.
  9. Petcare: At our petfriendly homes we look forward to welcoming the furry members of your family.  We do ask that they are up to date with their flea and tick treatment, they do not sleep on the furniture or beds,their mess is cleaned up prior to your departure and you are mindful of the wildlife in your area both for the local critters and your pet.
  10. Water Conservation: there is an Intense Drought in this region. As a result, water is and will continue to be very sacred! We ask that you use the water wisely. It is becoming increasingly important that we save the water that is available in the tanks as they are simply filled by the water that falls from the sky. Should excessive water be used we will need to consider making charges for water.

Events Guide

Visit Kangaroo Valley provide a handy and comprehensive events guide with updates on what’s on in the region, including up to date news and events regarding the region. You can find the link here to download this information: Visitor Guide.

A Few Of Our Favourite Restaurants and Cafes

Kangaroo Valley

  • Jingjo Local Thai Restaurant.  
  • The Friendly Inn Our local Friendly pub!  Good pub food and friendly service!
  • Valley Curry House  The local Curry House. 
  • The General Cafe   The best breakfast!  Open Friday to Monday.  Great coffee too.
  • Hampden Deli  Hampden Deli is not just a Deli!  Great coffee, cakes and sandwiches plus a glass of Wine.  There is also the Wine Lounge that is well worth a visit.
  • Buona Bizza by Fine Fining Chefs  Best pizzas in town!

Read more at Kangaroo Valley restaurants and cafes

Southern Highlands

  • Berrima Vault House Well worth a visit for either lunch or dinner or just a cheeky Negroni!  Chef Tommy Prosser provides outstanding food and creates memories.
  • Highlands Merchant  A great spot for breakfast and coffee as well as take away cakes.  Rush to get your spot at weekends.
  • Eschalot  Another restaurant to create memories, you will not be disappointed.
  • The Imperial.com.au  Great family eating and some of the best pizzas in the Highlands!  Bistro menu on offer too.
  • Rush Roasting Fantastic coffee! Good spot for coffee and lunch.
  • Bendooley Estate Larder  Bendooley Larder well worth a visit.  Grab some takeaway here to take back to your holiday home.
  • The Larders big Brother Bendooley Estate  Both function centre, restaurant and winery. Worth a visit.

Important Numbers:

Emergency Dial: 000 Doctor Eastbrook Medical Centre, Bowral: 02 4862 7666
Rural Fire Brigade: 02 4465 1718 Vets Berry Vet practice: 02 4464 1899
Wires: 1300 094 737 North Nowra Vet Practice: 02 4423 1688
SES: 132 500 Property Manager (Emergencies only): 0428  155 818

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