Useful Info For Your Stay

Essentials To Bring In Kangaroo Valley

Kangaroo Valley offers many pass-times so be sure to bring the required gear for your pursuit. See our page on activities under Explore the Area. 

All our properties are equipped with the basics – including small supplies of tea, coffee, sugar, salt and pepper. Beyond this it will depend on the property you are booking. 

KVE ensures that each property has a detailed list of what is provided and what we suggest you might bring. You should also take care to read the access details as some properties may be on unmade roads or tracks and require vehicles with reasonable ground clearance. 

Kangaroo Valley is close enough to the ocean to maintain more or less coastal temperatures. Warmer clothing in Winter is advisable. During the height of Summer Kangaroo Valley can produce surprising humidity so consider this when choosing which property to stay at (altitude) and what your wardrobe will be!

Rainfall is similar to Sydney

In the middle of winter it may drop close to freezing or even lower if you are in a higher altitude property. Properties will all have heating of one type or another and KVE will ensure as far as possible that there is fuel provided and that everything is in working order. 

Please note that Kangaroo Valley has limited food providers - basics are certainly available with a baker and two small general stores offering milk, eggs and some foods. 

Rubbish disposal is a major issue in the Country as many properties are not serviced by a collection service. We ask all our guests to be as considerate as possible and take as much rubbish away with them as they can.